Wholesale Trade

We supply more than a thousand million connection fittings of all kinds annually, with a full range of standard items and also customized solutions.

Our high rack warehouse in Weingarten, which houses more than 8,000 pallets, accommodates everything our customers need for their day-to-day business.

We are a successful wholesaler of connection fittings with years of experience in supplying the industry and dealers throughout Europe.

We can rely on our own fleet of trucks and a network of experienced and dependable logistics partners. The quality of our services is backed by our worldwide procurement contacts.

We make sure that our customers are satisfied by maintaining a high quality standard and using our extensive experience and sophisticated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to their benefit.

Multi-bin systems, KANBAN and complex IT integration - we have the ABC of logistics at our fingertips and offer tailored and demand-oriented solutions for C-parts management.

Schrauben Engel
Weltestra├če 2 + 4
88250 Weingarten, Germany
Telephone: +49 751 407-0
Telefax +49 751 47250

E-Mail: engel@schrauben-engel.de
Web: www.schrauben-engel.de

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Weltestra├če 2+4
88250 Weingarten

Tel.: 0751 407-0
Fax: 0751 47250
E-Mail: info@uvo-trade.de
Web: www.uvo-trade.de